Plus, Levi's wants lasers to rip your jeans and Circle acquires Poloniex.

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The popular jean company, Levi Strauss & Co., wants lasers, not humans to rip your jeans. The lasers will apparently cut the denim distressing process down from 20 minutes to 90 seconds. Not only will it cut the production and distribution cycle in half, it also will limit the number of chemicals used in manufacturing.

Circle has announced that it will acquire the U.S. -based cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex. Rumor has it that Circle is paying $400 milllion for the acquisition. Circle has plans to push Poloniex past being an exchange for only crypto assets. Poloniex has communicated to its current users that there will be no disruption of services.

Casper, the popular mattress startup, just opened its first permanent store location. The store is in downtown New York. Casper has been selling its products in Target store locations and temporary shops. The new Casper shop features six bedrooms where shoppers can test out mattresses.

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