Frequently Asked Questions

What is Webmaster-box.com?

Webmaster-box is service made to help people making money online.

The process is very simple. You can get 3 automated and monetized websites for $24/month or you can register as affiliate for free.

We build 3 unique automated websites,  each website is monetized by ads and affiliations. You can earn real passive income with these websites.

As an affiliate, you get $5 when you register, then you earn $10/month per referral + up to $10,000 bonus. Premium members also get some free hightech products (smartphones, laptop…).
It’s a simple affiliation program but with some amazing bonuses.
Example for 100 paid referrals:
$5 + $1000/month + $1000 bonus + 1 Mini PC
We pay with Paypal, Payoneer, bank transfert and Bitcoin.
Everybody is welcome to register at Webmaster-box!

Our affiliates program is one of the best available today and we give the biggest bonuses ever seen.

Webmaster-box is a service created by Madidesign (Company Madidesign - France - RCS: 43934214800012 - Owner Clement Vendroux - more infos ).

Why become a Premium member?

You can become a Premium member to get 3 automated and monetized websites and start making money in a few days.

How much money can i get?

Blogs: CPA + CPM + Backlinks. In a few weeks you can expect around $100/month per blog. It depends of your traffic and its quality.

Amazon affiliate: 8% to 10% on every sales

Clickbank offers: from 30% to 80% commission on each product

Affiliates program:

You earn $10 every month and for each referral you bring + up to $10,000 bonuses.

For example, if you have 100 referrals (who paid for a Premium account), you get: 100 x $10 = $1000 every month, and you get a bonus of $1000 + a mini PC.

How to participate to the Affiliates Program?

Register for free or for $24/month, and then you can promote our website. We give you all you need to promote our system: banners, emails, salespage and more.

You need a Paypal account or bank account or Payoneer card or a Bitcoin wallet to receive your commissions.

How can i get paid?

We process the payment via Paypal or Bank transfert or Payoneer or Bitcoin either on-demand or monthly.

You can open a Paypal account here (it's free): Paypal

You can get a Payoneer account and Mastercard for $24/year here: Payoneer

You get open a Bitcoin wallet here: blockchain