Frequently Asked Questions

What is Webmaster-box.com?

Webmaster-box is service made to help people making money online.

The process is very simple. You can get 6 automated and monetized websites for $24/month or you can register as affiliate for free.

We build 6 websites for Premium members: 3 automated blogs + 10 unique articles, 1 Amazon affiliate store, 1 Clickbank website, 1 affiliate website to participate to our program. Each website is monetized by ads and affiliations. You can earn real passive income with these websites.

As an affiliate, you get $5 when you register, then you earn $10/month per referral + up to $10,000 bonus. Premium members also get some free hightech products (smartphones, laptop…).
It’s a simple affiliation program but with some unusuals bonuses.
Example for 100 paid referrals:
$5 + $1000/month + $1000 bonus + 1 Mini PC
We pay with Paypal, Payoneer and Bitcoin.
Everybody is welcome to Webmaster-box!

You can get 3 automated and monetized blogs (we choose good niche for you) + 1 Amazon affiliates store + 1 affiliate website to promote the system and get money from our affiliates program + 1 Clickbank website, otimized to sell clickbank products.

Our affiliates program is one of the best available today and we give the biggest bonuses ever seen.

Webmaster-box is a service created by Madidesign (Company Madidesign - France - RCS: 43934214800012 - Owner Clement Vendroux - more infos ).

Why become a Premium member?

You can become a Premium member to get 6 automated and monetized websites and start making money in a few days. As Premium member you have also access to special bonuses when you participate to our Affiliates Program. These special bonuses are some physical products as laptop, mini pc, tablet...

The bonuses are paid 1 month after you reach the level number. For example, when you've got 50 referrals, you will receive a $500 bonus after 30 days.

How much money can i get?

Blogs: CPA + CPM + Backlinks. In a few weeks you can expect around $100/month per blog. It depends of your traffic and its quality.

Amazon affiliate store: 8% to 10% on every sales

Clickbank website: from 30% to 80% commission on each product

Affiliates program:

You earn $10 every month and for each referral you bring + up to $10,000 bonuses.

For example, if you have 100 referrals (who paid for a Premium account), you get: 100 x $10 = $1000 every month, and you get a bonus of $1000 + a mini PC.

How to participate to the Affiliates Program?

Register for free or for $24/month, and then you can promote our website. We give you all you need to promote our system: banners, emails, salespage and more.

You need a Paypal account, Payoneer card or a Bitcoin wallet to receive your commissions and to pay your membership (optional).

How can i get paid?

We process the payment via Paypal, Payoneer or Bitcoin either on-demand or monthly.

You can open a Paypal account here (it's free): Paypal

You can get a Payoneer account and Mastercard for $24/year here: Payoneer

You get open a Bitcoin wallet here: blockchain