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Get your websites and start making money

We build for you 6 websites to make money online.

What you get for $24/month:

3 automated blogs, 1 Amazon Affiliates Store, 1 Clickbank Website and 1 Affiliate website to participate to our Affiliate program. Your Websites are made and hosted by us, you don't have anything to pay as extra fee, each website is unique, we choose the best Niches and products to promote. You monetize all your websites with Ads, Affiliations and backlink rental.

Become a Premium member ($24 monthly): 

3 automated blogs

We give you 3 automated blogs which import and spin 3 new articles every day. We fill them first with 10 unique articles then we launch the automated import system. We choose the best Niche and keywords for your blogs and you can eventually suggest your Niche or keywords. We setup some ads and affiliations on your websites and their banners are placed atomatically on each imported article.

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1 Affiliate Website

We buil for you a website dedicated to our Affiliation program. By promoting our Program, you can earn a lot of money: $5 just for register, $5/month per referral, up to $10,000 bonus and Hightech products.
For example, if you have 100 referrals (who pay $14 monthly), you you get $5 + $500 per month + $1,000 (1 thousand dollars) + 1 mini PC (+ all the previous bonuses: $25 + $100 + $250 + $500).

Demo available soonClick Here

1 Amazon affiliates store

We build an Amazon affiliates store for you.
We choose a good Niche and build an automated store filled with the best Amazon products.
You earn around 10% for every sale from a person who clic on your link before place an order on Amazon.

Demo available soonClick Here

1 Clickbank affiliate website

We choose a Niche and fill a website with the best Clickbank offers. You can earn up to 80% commission on every sale. You can get a good income by promoting these offers. We choose only the best Clickbank products, with the best conversion rate and the best reviews. We create all the content to promote the best offer. You can also use your websites to build a list of contacts.

Demo available soonClick Here

Become a Premium member ($24 monthly): 

We build your website in 8 to 10 days after your first payment. You will receive all the information about your website by email (URLs, Password, instructions and advices). You will also receive instructions about How to monetize your blogs. We place Ads and Affiliation banners for you.

After your payment, you have to:

-Open a Paypal or Payoneer account or Bitcoin wallet.

-Open a Clickbank account

-Open a Amazon affiliates account

-Open an account on an ads Platform (Optional)